What’s All This About Ippy TV?


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What’s All This About Ippy TV?

There’s been so much news on the IPTV front recently that even Roseanne Roseannadanna would have heard about IPTV by now.

First was the announcement by a consortium of Japanese TV manufacturers announcing their push for an IPTV standard. Then there was Apple’s peek at their iTV product.

And lots of little things as well…
MatrixStream began shipping their 1080p capable IP set top box in June. NeuLion has their own box and content management platform – just add your own channels.

All this hardware… If the boys from Japan can get some momentum going on a box standard, this IPTV thing might just take off.

Makes you want to start your own channel. How about the Emergency Responders Channel? Reruns of Adam 12, Rescue Me and Justice Files 24/7 ! (And how about a comedy block with Car 54 Where Are You?)

And if you don’t think that I Pee TV isn’t going to be big, just check out the article in the New York Times Circuits section on 9/27/06 !