Must SDI Die?

Must SDI Die?

 Ad: SDI Must Die

… or can it just retire in Florida? Recent moves by SMPTE to standardize IEEE-1588 for timing and sync may help the move to an IP-based plant. And the Joint Task Force for Networked Media is studying best practices for audio and video switching. Al Kovalick has written a comprehensive article titled SMPTE Looks at All-IT Media Facilities on page 26 of the December 18th, 2013 issue of TV Technology. He discusses some of the papers presented at SMPTE’s Annual Technical Conference in October 2013 and how they can make an all-IT based facility possible in the near future.

[With no apologies to Cinegy. SDI is not dead yet and neither am I.]

UPDATE – Feb. 2016: Mr. Kovalick updates us on PTP with “Time Transfer in Networked Systems”.

(Note to me: SMPTE 2059-1 and -2 are SMPTE’s version of IEEE-1588 V2 – PTP)