Robert Peterson’s Plan For Survival


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Robert Peterson’s Plan For Survival

In response to Diane Mermigas’ Media Post blog entry "(Paul) Sagan: TV Survival Means Hyper-Local Online Video", Robert Peterson proposed:

"I am starting to think that station managers need to split their organizations into two parts. Today the new hides in bits and pieces throughout the old. Make a new organization that is all about the new and put the best person in charge. Work out what it has to achieve and how to measure.

"At the same time make a coherent organization out of the old. Do your costs cutting here. Make this organization as efficient as possible. In a way Greenfield it – do not accept any assumptions about "we always have done it this way".

"Now you have a portfolio of the new and the old. Both will have to perform. Resources in the end will have to move over time to the new."

At least one TV network is already doing this…