Part-Time Is The New Full-Time


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Part-Time Is The New Full-Time

As advertising revenue at the broadcast nets continues to shrink, and more daily hires are doing the work that used be be done by staff employees, I continue to hear stories along the lines of “No you can’t work with so-and-so tomorrow. They have already worked their 24 hours for the week.”

Sad, but part of a rising trend nationwide.

From Economist David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff on June 9, 2009:

It may be true that companies are not cutting back on bodies as much as they were earlier this year because nobody wants to let their skilled staff go despite the lingering weakness in sales. So the strategy remains one of cutting back on hours worked at the same time — not as many layoffs but the effort to economize on the wage bill remains intact. What has happened this cycle is that the shift towards part-time and away from full-time has led to a dramatic reduction in the average workweek to a record low 33.1 hours.