TV vs Video


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TV vs Video

Here’s a comment that sums it all up:

Jake Wolf said (as a comment to a Blog Entry that Jeff Jarvis posted):

TV is made by deep pocketed networks who pay for FCC licenses and come into homes via radio waves or wires. Video is what individuals have control over and they can get it from any source they want.”

Jeff Jarvis started by saying:

“She [Amanda Congdon] said she didn’t want her stuff called TV; she said it’s something new, it’s a video blog. I argued, in turn, that the definition of TV is up for grabs and that she should grab it…”

I don’t think Amanda should grab anything. We (individuals) must now do everything we can to own Video, before the Googles of the world buy up all the YouTubes of the world and commercialize it, just like they did to the Internet. Of course, we the people may already have lost the battle, as this OpEd piece in the San Jose Mercury News tells us.