Don’t Bet On IT – Take 2


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Don’t Bet On IT – Take 2

Well, it looks like the PSIP Tables have turned on poor André Mendes, former CTIO of PBS. Although I skewered him in April and May of 2005, it apparently was the vote of no confidence by affiliate engineers that did him in. The station engineers felt that Mendes pet project – the IT-centric ACE broadcast system wasn’t practical. And B&C’s sources suggested “that the aversion to ACE had much to do with Mendes, who rubbed some veteran engineers the wrong way with his strong pitch for IT-based workflows.”

Now we all know that there is IT in our future, but we like to be told about it by people who have sat in Master Control or edited tape or aimed a microwave dish. The last thing we need or want is to have IT shoved down our throats by someone who is so sure that the “content and the metadata are absolutely accurate” that you don’t need to monitor it !

Hell, my cable box can’t go three hours without an MPEG data underflow. Accurate? Don’t Bet On IT !